Being friends after casually dating dating or xian

14-Feb-2017 15:30

While there are valid reasons why you may engage in this type of partnership, there are also many why you may reconsider, especially when you start to ask yourself: Can a friend with benefits turn into a relationship? Kelly Rudolph is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Founder of Are you tired of stress, lack of confidence and fear about your future? But actually pulling off a healthy, happy friends-with-benefits arrangement might be trickier than you think.Before you get naked with a friend, take a look at these tips for making it work.The first is that you're friends but you're also agreeing to get busy together, while the second is no expectations, just sex.Have an agreement ahead of time so you're clear on what's really going on.

How do you know if you should start dating friends?

Love and sex expert Sheri Meyers, Psy D, says that in order to pull off this arrangement, you have to understand the situation first.