Bishoujo dating

12-Sep-2017 17:09

), we thoroughly enjoyed Comic Party's look at what makes the industry *really* tick - the weird, fun people who make, buy, and in this case, become entertainment.

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He would've been perfectly content to be a mundane, everyday Japanese student hanging out with his sorta-girlfriend Takase Mizuki. So begins Kazuki's new quest to become a doujinshi artist worthy to be part of the greatest of all conventions: Comic Party.A charming, gentle, and witty look at fandom that hits home for us here at THEM.We like this series too damn much to give it anything less.However, its accessibility and its ability to take itself seriously as an actual story make it even better than anything else in the genre.

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So quit reading this review and get it already, will you?

With so many high marks, it may surprise you to know this was based off a dating simulation game.