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The examples that follow next do not show opening or closing recordsets since that is unnecessary for action queries.

There is also a small collection of SQL examples where you can see a wider variety of syntax.

In Access create a new blank table and highlight 8 datasheet columns.

Paste the example data into the table and rename the fields to the names above. If you have the examples only in hard copy, you would have to re-type the data in an Access table. With this Lock Type you can only scroll forward through records. Like a dynamic cursor, except that you can't see records that other users add, although records that other users delete are inaccessible from your recordset. This Lock Type indicates pessimistic locking, record by record. Find Last "pk People ID=2" ' numeric constant - DAO rs.

We obtain reports from the CMDB in CSV format, and link them to Access as well.

We then use a combination of Access VBA and predefined queryies to add new data, or update or soft delete existing data. Specifically, inserts/soft deletes seem to work, but Access exhausts resources and crashes when running the update query. Close Set o Qdf Updt = Nothing Set o Rs = Current Db. Open Recordset(db Open Dynaset, db Read Only) Set o Qdf Updt = Current Db. Find First "RYCID = '" & cur FSCID & "'" End If ' sleep .1 seconds to avoid overloading the upstream workflow Sleep SLEEPTIMEINMILLIS o Rs. Close Set o Rs = Nothing Set o Qdf Updt = Nothing Debug.

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The Smith and Sussman textbook uses "rec" but you can use any variable name. There is an alternate syntax, shown next, for referencing fields that is faster. Most of the time your programs will use variables instead.

Execute "UPDATE tbl People SET Last Name = 'Smith-Jones' WHERE First Name = 'Mary' AND Last Name = 'Jones';" ' note: this statement works only for DAO Current DB.