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14-Jul-2017 02:59

I used to joke with my married best friend here in Chiang Mai about dating. A lot of them are actually no sexpats who would enjoy spending time with caucasian gal. So there you have it.” [SIC] [SIC] [SIC] of communication before the ask. Tinder, as most of you may know, is basically an App that lets you pick and choose potential “dates” based pretty much entirely on appearance and a super brief description. And, in the not nice terms, it is largely used for people to go and have random sex and meet a suitable match. They stay put, and — joy of joys — they to date a western woman. Wouldn’t it be great to write an anonymous blog about dating in Thailand as a western woman? That’s when she uttered this gem of a title: “You’re fucked. Never really hard from anyone that thai people would talking like that. Then, there are the ones from somewhere far away, largely from India, that tell me they would like to get to know me better. Of course, the men I meet on Tinder here are in town for a quick jaunt mostly, and either the convo goes downhill quickly or I lose interest and have no desire to take a night off from the gym or my quiet days to go and have conversation with a passerby. I was the one passing through, I held the intrigue and for the first time, guys were messaging me and asking me out, versus just engaging in mundane conversation of “how long you in town? But, even those men living in Europe seemed to only want one thing: sex.

The sigh that means, “that’s funny as shit, but dammit, you are so right.” So, with TCZP, I decided I would put myself out there, see what could happen. A brief examination of the dating options in Thailand for western women seeking a western man: Since March, I’ve been fielding requests on OK Cupid for dates. But seriously I've seen several signs at the different malls that made me chuckle; a silhouette of a curvy woman with a cross on it and the words "no big size" written on it.Yes, again, not all stores but all I'm saying is most of the cute high-waist shorts don't have room for all that junk you carrying in your trunk and the sales person will just look at you and disappoint you with the words: "we don't have big size".The idea of black people being scattered around the world just doesn't register as a reality.

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What's worse is that they also assume that black people cannot be a native speaker of English. The kind of questions that make you make you squint your whole face and ask Jesus to come down and take care of whatever this is. There were no wedding bells dinging in my mind or anything serious, but someone who comes to town and can hold a conversation and is nice and nice to spend time with? If you don’t know a lot about Thailand’s tourism industry, please, let me enlighten you for a brief moment. Of course, I didn’t know that until after we had promised to keep in touch and perhaps see him on his side of the world, and when he comes back here to visit. I was one of those naive humans that packed enough hair products for a measly 2 months.

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Aug 1, 2014. An honest look at dating in Thailand from a western women's perspective and trying to meet a good western man while living as an expat.… continue reading »

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