Dating your babysitter dating tips for married couples

13-Jan-2017 14:49

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With her gorgeous graphics and colorful designs this printable bundle is both functional activities to leave behind with the babysitter.The kids will be so excited to find out what’s in the bag that they won’t be sad when you leave! This Babysitter in a Bag set is the first of a series of amazing kids activities that will have your little ones you to leave on date night!

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Honestly, sometimes the Farmer and I forget all those kids are back there.Speaking of babysitters – have you considered starting a babysitting co-op?If you haven’t heard of a babysitting co-op you must check out our post on How To Organize a Baby-sitting Co-op!This is similar to #1 with two exceptions–it’s dark outside and you have the opportunity to make the dates last longer.

Once again, you’ll want to have something prepared, make sure you have baby monitors in case you need to be with those kiddos right away, and it needs to be super close to your house.All of the activities are easy to prep and can be placed in a bag – ready for the babysitter to start the fun!Our first Babysitter in a Bag printable pack takes your kids on an amazing So much fun right?We’re always looking for suggestions for new dates, so definitely let me know of any other creative solutions you come up with!