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I suppress the urge to yell: “Get back to your green screen before the Quiz Daddy portal closes! I don’t know.”) But on the freezing December evening that I meet him at this open-mic night, he is simply tired. “And I had a really shitty night of sleep.” Rogowsky’s unrelenting holiday hosting schedule, which will close with a special, if glitchy, New Year’s Eve countdown on the app, is wearing him down. When I’m not hosting for these last six months, it’s because I’ve had to be in St. Doing stand-up with the Sklar brothers, doing their podcast.” He continues to list the obligations he’s racked up over the past few months. That’s why I’m taking one in January.” That Rogowsky would prefer not to spend every waking hour of his life dedicated to smartphone trivia is understandable, because he is a human being, not an algorithm.

Before he can answer, the only other person sitting at the bar — a college kid in a beanie — interrupts. “We all play a somewhat dystopian, live trivia smartphone game with cash prizes — has earned him over the past five months.

But so far, no one has stood out as Rogowsky’s equal. ” He also threatened to fire Rogowsky: “You’re putting Scott’s job in jeopardy,” he told Lorenz. ” She framed the story so as to highlight Yusupov’s outlandish behavior, and the internet quickly rallied to Rogowsky’s defense.

He may not be as rare as an opera singer or an acrobat, but he has proved to be the only Quiz Daddy that the world’s youth has widely embraced. “PROTECT SCOTT AT ALL COSTS,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I think we’ve found a good balance now where people are tuning in because they enjoy the entertainment value I bring to the table, and they’re also getting a rush out of the competition and the large amounts of money on the line.

My goal is to keep people in the game even when they’ve been eliminated.

Like Alex Trebek or Ryan Seacrest, he has become the default spokesperson for an entire institution, a handsome face armed with cute catchphrases that draw an audience, regardless of their personal interest in the competition.

“It’s not The Scott Rogowsky Show, but it’s also not a haircut in a suit reading a prompter,” he told me in a follow-up email.Come for the questions and the chance to win cash; stay for the show.” Still, even though he has amassed a legion of dedicated online fans, Rogowsky doesn’t think the trivia world revolves around him.In fact, he expects that gigs like his may soon have their own version of late-night show competitions.Needless to say, he is looking forward to taking a vacation, which is supposed to start with back-to-back Phish concerts at Madison Square Garden — for which he would be skipping two whole games. In many ways, Rogowsky’s human-ness is one of the most interesting and challenging elements to the tech startup that employs him.

I remark that his absence is not unlike a star quarterback skipping a big game. By all traditional game-show host standards he’s been an immediate success, building a dedicated viewership in the hundred thousands in a few months by sprinkling inventive nicknames and buzzwords onto an otherwise straightforward trivia show format.

Because the Canadian entertainment company must export its fantastical shows worldwide, it avoids hiring unique performers.