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The rocks containing the foraminifera fossils were dated using radiometric methods and paleomagnetism.

Alan uses the fossils in each layer to help work out if the water the sediments were laid down in was deep or shallow and if it was warm or cool.The isotopes in the fossils show patterns of increase and decrease through time.These changes reflect ocean temperature during glacial and interglacial climate cycles.“But it’s no stranger than family trusts, or companies or incorporated societies.”New Zealand MP Adrian Rurawhe doesn’t see the legislation as innovation as much as appropriate progression.

“It’s not that we’ve changed our worldview, but people are catching up to seeing things the way that we see them,” Rurawhe said.Seawater during glacial periods contains more oxygen-18, because the lighter oxygen-16 is taken up more by ice.Since living foraminifera take up oxygen from seawater, during glacial periods, they too will contain more oxygen-18.Two examples are the Onepuhi tephra (0.57 million years ago) and the Kupe tephra (0.64 million years ago).