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23-Dec-2017 05:23

I only been with three guys around my age, the others were all at least 20 years older than me.

I don't like the skinny ones, i prefer men with beer belly, maybe hairy too.

Add me on Skype (Love Seeker1990) to know me more and allow me to know you as well.

Someone whom i can call as my own and someone i'll consider to be the last page of my coloring book.

Boys in my age group have always annoyed me, and I've found that most of them have trouble dealing with a strong willed, smart mouthed girls like myself.

I WILL NEVER FIND THE PERFECT ONE.' If you're putting yourself out there like that. This goes for both but I have noticed that the majority who do this are 40 men and it's just crazy. I myself don't do that, and the men who do actually make it more difficult for the rest of us.

Most of the female profiles like that are actually men who are scammers just looking to get a guy off-site to do their con game. In fact, I never expected to generate much interest.

It was originally meant so people who knew me would easily recognize the name. And if they DO want to a serious relationship but have a freaky,sexual need then let that come into place in an appropriate manner.

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If you come at a REAL woman with that kind of attitude..ain't gonna happen lol.The largest and most effective senior dating site for 50 plus and senior singles!Many members are well educated, successful, and young at heart!What gets me is I'm only 28 and these are older people who are supposed to be ''wiser'' than me but act like horny teens who want to be loved but get treated like sex objects instead and then turn around to cry about 'Why can't I find Love?!!!?


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