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23-Jul-2017 21:33

Of the Allies, British troops appear to have been responsible for the least rapes.

“Not because of any morality or respect for woman, but because the NCOs wouldn’t allow the soldiers to go off on their own,” Prof Beevor said.

", which suggested such engagements may not lead to happily married life.

But despite the concerns, the letter writing – and subsequent marriages – continued. D Moleyns wrote in the Woman’s World section of the Western Daily Press that the morale of the men in the trenches was being sustained by the “dreams of love”.

One bishop warned against the practice which he said led to “disastrous” consequences.

Rhoda Breakell, from Genes Reunited, said: “We have been doing lots of research into the lives of those left behind during the First World War.

The number of marriages that were founded on a simple letter correspondence fascinated us.

Jones, of the Royal Field Artillery, and Gertrude Henly.

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After corresponding by letter for some time, he came home for leave and, within three days of the couple meeting, they were wed.She defended “hasty war weddings” from criticisms, adding that it was not anybody’s place to decide if they were right or wise because of the “abnormal times”.The research is one of a number of studies being carried out in advance of the centenary of the war’s outbreak, next year.He added that the “danger” also concerned “educated women” who “mistake impulse for love” and marry servicemen “after two or three days’ acquaintanceship”.

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