Romantic poems for online dating

11-May-2017 15:24

For centuries, poetry has been one of the most romantic, eloquent forms of expression, and carefully chosen words can create stunning imagery and evoke intense emotions.Included in a marriage proposal, a beautiful poem can reverberate throughout a couple's engagement and marriage long after the crucial question has been asked and answered.

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All of our future, All we can be, Rests on this precious moment... Our two hearts entwined, A lifetime of love awaits... You're the sun in my shine, The spark in my plug, The heart to my beat, The day to my night, The twinkle in my eye, The hot to my spicy, The yin to my yang, The soul to my mate. Now all I want to hear from you, Is to say, "I do." People say I'd be lost without you, And you know what? I don't know how I ever got by Until the day I met you.

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