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Janice Shaw Crouse (archive) May 24, 2005 Years ago, the whole country got a laugh out of The Total Womans recommendation that wives occasionally spice things up by greeting their husbands wrapped only in Saran Wrap the clear, flexible plastic film meant to cover food in the refrigerator.

Today, right-thinking adults should be outraged by the recommendation in the latest comprehensive sex-education materials from Planned Parenthood that, for safe sex, 8th graders should use Saran Wrap as protection when engaging in oral and anal sex. How did we get to the point where it must be assumed that 8th graders are going to be performing oral and anal sex and we have to equip them to do it safely?

Nothing could be clearer than the fact that the programs they design, and try to bully parents into accepting, serve only to short-circuit the development of discipline and character formation, and undermine our childrens ability to learn the delayed gratification and self-restraint needed for a productive, happy life.

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Edit: Neon God, it is disturbing when sexual intercourse among the youngster (I AM still young, by the way) is considered a fashion among students and a must-do-for-those-who-wants-to-be-in-the-crowd rather than a well-calculated personal decision in relationships. I just toured the website from the link Gawain just gave.Added proof, the interim president of Planned Parenthood, Karen Pearl, complained that President Bush wanted to increase funding for dangerous abstinence-only programs by nearly 25 percent.Without a shred of evidence and contrary to numerous studies, Pearl also asserted that these programs dont work and that the President is catering to ideological extremists.Now editing - export_descr_unit.txt, export_descr_unit_enums.txt, export_units.txt, descr_model_export_descr_buildings.txt, export_descr_buildings_enums.txt, export_This is just another one of the many hysterical "culture wars" stories that the radcons put out to keep their base foaming on about liberal perversions. Isn't it much more fun to discover it later on in life, when an individual is mature enough to take it seriously and not as just another game. If you don't know something is doable(have exact instructions, not a bunch of dirty jokes) then chances are heavily that you won't ever do it unles you really push yourself.