Updating my ipod korean dating site english

19-Jun-2017 12:14

Alternatively, you can update i OS via i Tunes and save yourself the trouble; and i OS itself may offer to temporarily delete apps from your device to make room, then reinstall them after the update is complete.

If you're at 50% power or lower, you'll need to plug your device into a power source, and this isn't a bad idea in any case.

After a few minutes, when the activity indicator (next to the wifi strength indicator, top left) stopped, I went back to the home screen and the waiting app had gone.

Many thanks to a commenter named Graham for this possible solution.

Wait a minute or two, and then turn your i Phone back on by pressing the i Phone Power button until you see it come back on.

After the reboot, the i Phone app installation/update process resumed, updating each app, one at a time. Update, April 14, 2011: I just had this “waiting” problem myself with an i Pad app, and rebooting my i Pad solved the problem.

If you do, take a look at What to do if you can't update i OS.

Back to top Digging around the internet, I’ve read several people say that this problem may be related to your Wi Fi network and internet access.