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La Dench ha ricevuto molte candidature per la sua recitazione in teatro, cinema e televisione; I suoi riconoscimenti includono anche ben 11 Premi BAFTA, 8 Olivier Awards, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2 Golden Globe e un Tony Award.

Nel giugno 2011, ha ricevuto una borsa di studio dalla British Film Institute (BFI).

Leoluca Vasi married in Corleone and sailed with his wife’s family in 1905.

Leoluca and Pasquale were both arrested in New York in 1910, in connection with Giuseppe Morello’s counterfeiting operation.

The Sicilian emirate lasted until the eleventh century, and Corleone remained a Muslim-majority city for at least another hundred years.

By the Middle Ages, churches had assumed the social position of mosques in the town, built in the traditional North African style, with winding alleys and communal courtyards.

“San Nicolo’ quarter,” “out,” “turn,” and “as you go up the road,” are all typical headings.

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Occasional headings or marginalia appear as clues to the census’ geographical location.

The priest who takes the census winds in and out of courtyards, alleys, and institutions on his rounds.

As well as the private homes of Corleone there is a college, an orphanage, a marketplace/hostel, and several convents and monasteries.

Some of the “stati” are mislabeled as to the year they were taken: one labeled “1848” on Family Search appears to have been taken almost a hundred years earlier.

Ages are misreported, relations and servants appear without surnames, widows are listed under their married names, and locations cannot be exactly pinpointed, but only referred to with relation to shifting landmarks.Vito Vasi and Calogera Maida had at least one son, Francesco, who in turn had at least four sons, all of whom immigrated to New York.The two older brothers are Giuseppe and Leoluca, and they have at least two younger brothers, one named Pasquale, born in 1880, and Francesco Paolo, who shares a name with their father, born in 1882.But if your research into the town is broader than one lineage, the census is a goldmine of information.